Shane Cox – Mike Cox Electric Supplying Generations of Experience for the Inland Empire

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In a recent interview, Sean Reynolds with Energy Independence spoke with Shane Cox, president of The
Mike Cox Electric Inc., a National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) member, to get his take on
emerging technologies, the technicians who make it happen, and what it means to be a NECA contractor
in today’s energy efficient environment.

Shane Cox is confident in his business and his profession, and he should be. Shane is a third generation
electrician, and president of The Mike Cox Electric Inc in San Bernardino. Started in 1959 by Shane’s
grandfather, Mark Cox, the business passed to Shane’s father in 1994 and Shane “took the reins” in 2014.
They are a signatory contractor with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
partnering with the Southern Sierras Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).
Within this alliance they work on competitive bid projects involving government works such as public
schools, police and fire stations and federal installations. Located in the city of San Bernardino, Mike Cox
Electric services the greater Inland Empire. Presently, they are completing a project for the Victor
Elementary School District in the high desert city of Victorville. They have several on-going jobs in
Moreno Valley, another in Corona, and are also working on a new facility for the Fontana Unified School
Cox says although they install the necessary cost-effective electrical infrastructure that his company has
been doing for generations; there is now an increasing demand for more efficient upgrades. More and
more, his technicians are outfitting buildings with LED fixtures and energy management systems
designed to get the most out of air conditioning and heating, along with advanced lighting controls, that
cut energy costs to the consumer and benefit the environment.
Cox says that’s where his participation as a signatory contractor really pays off. The demand for highly
trained, highly qualified electrical workers is increasing. “Being a NECA contractor is a huge advantage
for us,” Cox explains. He says not only do they provide cutting edge training programs, like the ones
taught by the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC), additionally, NECA supports
him with sophisticated “business specific” training, and in-depth seminars that help him and his staff to
educate their employees. Cox says, “They keep me on top of the latest technologies.”
The Mike Cox Electric Inc. normally employs between 15 and 25 workers, but Shane has the ability to
pull skilled technicians from the IBEW’s membership pool as needed. He says that’s another great
advantage as a signatory contractor. As for what the customer gets, Shane Cox puts it this way: “They get
access to a workforce that they know is qualified, that they know is trained … and we’re going to stand
behind that work. We’re going to stand behind what we install as a NECA contractor, and with the IBEW
standing by our side we’re going to give them the quality workforce they need.”
Sean Reynolds
Altek Media
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