NECA Energy Conservation and Performance Platform (ECAP)

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The NECA Energy Conservation and Performance Platform (E-CAP) removes the obstacles to the implementation of your energy retrofit projects by seamlessly integrating the inclusion of best-practice project surety, project finance structuring, and project funding solutions into your project development process.


NECA E-CAP provides NECA members with turnkey access to best-practice surety and financing solutions for your energy projects. Through this program, you will be able to provide investment-grade project performance guarantees and performance-based financing for your clients using third-party insurance and project investors.

Power your energy project development by providing:

  • Streamlined Customer Engagement and Project Development
  • Standardized Project Documentation and Underwriting
  • Best in Class ASTM Compliant Project Benchmarking
  • Turnkey Project Measurement and Verification
  • Insured Investment Grade Performance Guarantees
  • Flexible Project Financing Solutions


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