The Future of Energy Independence: PDE’s Smart Microgrid System

LOS ANGELES, CA- President and Founder of PDE Total Energy Solutions, Dan Henrich, and Vice President of Operations, Dan Cohee, recently spoke with Shelley Brumbaugh of Energy Independence Magazine about the launch of their new Micro Grid Technology. Micro Grid systems integrates a variety of renewable electrical power sources, providing businesses and government agencies with a potential for total energy independence.

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“The future for Energy Independence is a Smart Microgrid System,” stated Dan Henrich. “Zero Net Energy is key, buildings in the future will produce as much energy as they are using and will have the ability to also operate totally independent of the grid.” PDE Total Energy Solutions has one goal: to perfect a system that stores renewable energy and distributes it back into a grid to be utilized in the future.  Henrich and Cohee explained how this newly developed technology can be integrated into current electrical systems. This Micro Grid Technology incorporates renewable energy sources, bi-directional inverters, advanced battery technologies and storage systems and advanced control units. Henrich stressed the importance of the system’s ability to seamlessly distribute excess energy into the grid.

Dan Cohee introduced the breakthrough use of bi-directional inverters and the advanced control units, which provides their clients the ability to “island”, or isolate from the local utility grid, making it ideal for them to still operate even if power from the grid was unavailable for any reason.  Also, the system’s state-of-the-art battery technology relies on lithium ion batteries which smooth out the production of renewable energy.

PDE is currently working on the largest Type 2B Military Microgrid system in the country which will be located at 29 Palms Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center. This 576 kilowatt energy system will be integrated into a 10 megawatt Microgrid System.

Henrich, stressed the importance of having well-trained, certified IBEW electricians during the installation and operation of such a powerful electrical system.  He is directly involved in training young men and women at Electrical Training Institute where these individuals are trained on how to install and operate these high tech systems. He went on to say they only hire experienced NECA contractors and IBEW electricians to do their installations.

“Hospitals, schools, and businesses are going to require smart energy systems such as this that can combine renewable energy, integrate batteries, harvest and store energy, and distribute it 24 hours a day,” exclaims Dan Cohee.

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