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  • Education & Training

    The Southern Sierras Chapter of NECA helps electrical contractors move ahead of the competition through on-site and online management courses, practical business insight and technical resources. NECA has the information and education to help you do your job better.

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  • Business & Market Development

    The Southern Sierras Chapter of NECA works with contractors, building owners, developers, manufacturers, LMCC business development staff and NECA chapters to produce training programs, tools, publications and promotional material that position NECA contractors as a customer’s full-service energy …

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  • Advocacy & Representation

    Your voice matters when it comes to the issues, regulations and legislation that affect your business.The Southern Sierras Chapter of NECA represents your company on Capitol Hill, with regulatory agencies and federal officials. Speak out and get involved with NECA’s advocacy programs.

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  • Events & Networking

    The Southern Sierras Chapter of NECA plans and produces the best events and opportunities for electrical contractors to connect with fellow professionals and industry leaders.

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  • Member Discounts & Services

    The Southern Sierras Chapter of NECA connects our members with the products and services that support their businesses. Check out exclusive NECA member value-added discounts with …

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  • Tools & Resources

    Electrical contractors count on the Southern Sierras Chapter of NECA to deliver the industry’s most up-to-date technical guides and e-tools. From PPE Selector to the Manual of Labor Units …

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NECA Supporting It's Members Current News

Articles News SSNECA TV Success Stories

Daniel’s Electric working with the IBEW and IEETC

Daniel’s Electric President, Thomas Ispas, frankly acknowledges the IBEW and...

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Daniel’s Electric New and Current Projects

West End Education Service Center The San Bernardino County Office of...

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Heller Electric Brings the Duke Ellington School of Music up to New Standards

The Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts located in Washington, D.C....

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Youngstown’s “Joe” Dickey Electric is Reshaping the City

Youngstown’s “Joe” Dickey Electric is Reshaping the City One Project...

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NECA Membership Recognized

NECA Membership Recognized for Being Influential Advocates; Association Wins...

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Articles News

New Enforcement Guidance for Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Standard Released

The Office of Safety and Health Administration has provided interim enforcement...

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A responsible team in charge Board of Directors

  • Chapter Manager – David Shankle david@ssneca.org

    Chapter Manager

    David Shankle
    Southern Sierras Chapter NECA

  • Larry L. Strohm


    Larry L. Strohm
    Jr. Big Sky Electric, Inc.

  • Jay A. Sutherland

    Vice President

    Jay A. Sutherland
    Morrow-Meadows Corp.

  • Robert M. Hayes


    Robert M. Hayes
    R.I.S. Electrical Cont., Inc.

  • Thomas G. Ispas


    Thomas G. Ispas
    Daniel’s Elect. Const. Co., Inc.

  • Rodney W. Anderson


    Rodney W. Anderson
    Anderson’s Nu Power

  • Brian Downs


    Brian Downs
    Giant Services, Inc.

  • Shane Cox


    Shane Cox
    Mike Cox Electric


Daniel’s Electric working with the IBEW and IEETC


Daniel’s Electric President, Thomas Ispas, frankly acknowledges the IBEW and

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Youngstown’s “Joe” Dickey Electric is Reshaping the City


Youngstown’s “Joe” Dickey Electric is Reshaping the City One Project

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In A Crisis PR Situation,Be Sure To Address All FOUR Audiences


Thoughts of a Crisis PR situation, like the one United, embroiled themselves in

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4 Alternatives when selling a business, a home, or real estate


If you're thinking of selling a business, a home, or real estate with a large

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    Mike Gleeson

    Lorry Perry Inc. - Founder

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    Oliver Murat

    Young Technology Ltd.- CEO

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    Anna Proin

    Lorem Inc. - CEO & Founder

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